Industry Giants Are Not Invincible Warns Credico UK

Industry Giants Are Not Invincible Warns Credico UK

After the shocking collapse of Carillion, the UK’s second largest construction company, Credico UK has released a statement warning businesses not to rest on their laurels and understand success should never be taken for granted. 

After months of share prices plummeting and rising debt, it was officially announced this month that construction firm Carillion would be going into liquidation. While the firm has taken on many large private sector projects, such as the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station, the UK is bracing itself for significant disruption as Carillion extradites itself from its role within the public sector. As well as being the second largest supplier of maintenance services to network rail, the firm currently holds a significant number of government contracts, managing and developing highways, prisons, hospitals and schools across the UK. 

Despite how deeply Carillion is entangled within the public sector, talks held with the government and the firm’s lenders and creditors were fruitless. Field marketing specialists Credico UK is now urging businesses to take Carillion’s downfall as a stark warning that no company is invincible. ‘Success in any industry should never be taken for granted, Carillion was the UK’s second largest construction firm, and its collapse could now put a huge range of public services in jeopardy. Despite its monopoly on the market, it’s downfall was due to poor decision making and overpromising and under delivering on its projects. Businesses should take note that past successes do not guarantee long-term success’.  Outlines Credico UK. 

Credico UK believes in the wake of the Carillion collapse, companies also need to think not only about the value they are providing to customers and clients but the impact a future fall could have on others. It has been reported that 30,000 SMEs could be affected by the fall of Carillion, which could have a severe impact not only on the construction sector but the UK economy as a whole. 

‘Businesses have a responsibly to look further than themselves and being an approved company supplier or industry leader is no excuse for complacency. Now is the time for businesses to step up and work on sustaining success for everyone’. States Credico UK. ‘This means taking a proactive approach to finding new leads and being realistic about what they can offer to generate trust and consistent profits.’ 

Credico UK works with market leaders from a variety of sectors and is confident that it’s unique marketing channel has supported the growth and sustainability of its clients’ successes. ‘Our services are built on driving real engagement, and clients only ever pay for the results they receive, eliminating the financial risk often associated with more traditional marketing channels. We strongly believe that this allows our clients to focus on creating and delivering quality products and provides scope for planning a secure future’.