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Credico UK: UK Economy takes hit

After David Cameron has stepped down as Prime Minister, Credico UK explores how his resignation and Theresa May’s appointment has impacted the UK economy.

The initial response from the UK’s decision to leave the EU saw market concern about the economic impact of no longer being part of the European Union for the UK. Sterling hit a new 31-year low and three funds investing in British property said they were suspending trading because too many people were rushing to withdraw their money at once. Then, the UK economy took a further hit, as discussions grew about who would be the next Prime Minister.  Areas such as trade, investment and business confidence were top of the agenda for whoever would take over.

On Wednesday 13th July, Conservative MP and former Home Secretary, Theresa May was appointed as the UK’s new Prime Minister and second female PM. Ms May has led her short campaign with her mantra ‘Brexit means Brexit’, which was designed to reassure. One of her first major milestones in her time as PM will be triggering ‘Article 50’ in the European Union treaty, which will formally begin the Brexit negotiation process. As the UK’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May is determined to unite the Conservative Party and the UK, to negotiate the best possible deal for leaving the EU and to make Britain work for everyone.

Credico UK hopes that the new Prime Minister will live up to her words and deliver strong leadership by steering the UK into a new era of trade, investment and business ownership.

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