Welcome to Credico UK & Ireland

In 2005, Credico began operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With acute demand, Credico quickly went beyond client expectations.

With 35 locations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and another 10 locations in the Republic of Ireland, Credico is perfectly positioned to expertly cultivate their clients’ customer growth.

Currently with over 1000 active sales suppliers, we are able to find and acquire new customers for our clients in the energy, credit, security, telecommunications, media, and home improvement sectors.

There is truly no comparison for Credico’s success in operations in the United Kingdom, and our clients have found us to be an invaluable asset that helps them increase their market reach.

UK / Ireland

Established: 2005

  • Energy
  • Home Improvement
  • Services +Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Beauty Products

Credico UK & Ireland