Credico UK - new customer acquisition levels

Credico UK hit acquisition levels of 10,000 new customers per week

Outsourced sales specialists Credico UK revealed they are generating an average of over 10,000 new customers per week for their clients. This staggering number illustrates the effectiveness of Credico UK’s business model and quality of the applicants they are able to provide to clients – irrespective of industry.

Despite the increasing effect of digital and social media on consumer decision-making, Credico UK believe that the important decisions are still being made via face to face interactions. The field sales agency is of the belief that digital marketing messages have now become far too impersonal and saturated in daily life, with face to face interactions adding a welcome personal touch that is otherwise missing.

The firm previously discussed how direct marketing can solve various marketing challenges that businesses in the UK face – from measuring ROI successfully to determining the right channels and consumer profiles. Credico UK believes traditional direct marketing methods remain the most effective.

The firm are uniquely qualified to deliver fresh leads and customers to their clients, and do so at a high return on investment. Time and time again, Credico UK prove to be the critical connection that facilitates the acquisition of targeted customers in an effective way. At the current rate, Credico are able to supply almost half a million customers across their client base per year. While the digital marketing industry remains an attractive advertising option, Credico UK’s acquisition numbers prove that the face to face avenue remains a strong and profitable course of action for businesses.

Credico UK are the largest face to face sales and marketing company in the UK, and they attribute their impressive procurement level to the attention to detail that goes into each and every interaction. Without this, the firm believe it would be impossible to achieve the desired outcome of customer acquisition.

Credico UK are dedicated to helping large businesses solidify and accelerate their success, and only charge for the results achieved, ensuring their services are kept a financially ‘risk free’ opportunity. The firm are thrilled by the current volume of customers they are able to provide on a weekly basis, and are taking measures to ensure the figures remain equally impressive throughout the rest of 2017.