Credico UK: ‘Face to Face is vital to the success of the deregulation of the water industry’

Credico UK: ‘Face to Face is vital to the success of the deregulation of the water industry’

As consumers across England are given the opportunity to choose their water supplier for the first time, Credico UK has spoken up about the vital role face to face marketing will play in helping consumers identify the best deals in a deregulated market.

In 2008 Scotland became the first country in the world to deregulate the water market, which led to significant improvements in efficiencies in water services and customer satisfaction. This year, the same opportunity has opened up to consumers in England, allowing them to choose who they pay for their retail water and wastewater services. Up until now water services in England has been controlled by regional monopolies, meaning that the options available to consumers were extremely limited. Credico UK is adamant that the deregulation of the industry will not only diversify the market but help customers to tailor a service which better suits their needs.

‘There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to water services, a small start-up business is going to have very different needs compared to a large industrial organisation, and deregulation will allow consumers to access a more personalised service which will lead to greater value for money and an improved customer experience.’ stated a spokesperson for Credico UK.

The global field marketing organisation believes that face to face marketing will play an integral role in helping consumers understand how the deregulation will impact them. Deregulation is set to offer customers a more bespoke service and stronger, more transparent relationships with their providers. However, with more providers in the market, consumers are going to require more intensive support to negotiate the best deal in an increasingly competitive market.

Meeting face to face with brand representatives could dramatically improve customer experiences in a deregulated market as it provides a platform for consumers to dig deeper into the suppliers’ background and what they can offer. Face to face is also crucial to water services understanding the needs of their customers as individuals, by gaining a clearer understanding of personal water consumption, budget and need, suppliers can begin to grow a stronger reputation and stand out in a competitive market.